Wind Sculptures

  Wind Sculpture ,

Looking to create a focal point in the Garden, or by the pool or veranda,

A Wind Sculpture, can make that garden centerpiece, powered by the wind, the movement constantly varies with the breeze, relaxing, like watching the sea

I have been developing some new skills to make these Kinetic Wind Sculptures. Learning how to spin the wind cups was a challenge, here is  a VIDEO of me spinning a wind cup on you tube, and I am now developing the process to incorporate other materials. Offering my clients as much choice as I can to make something unique for them. The wind sculpture designs are great fun to do, and I am making them so they can be made any size and adapted to suit all locations.


Copper and Brass wind sculpture with a spiral rotating in the wind

Copper and Brass wind sculpture

Kinetic Wind sculpture Helix with copper wind cups rotating in a spiral to form a helix, with a counter rotating top. Site this on a pedestal in the garden and enjoy the relaxing and ever changing motion of the wind.

The wind sculptures can be supplied lacquered  or natural ,and made any size to suit your requirements

Have a look at it spinning on YouTube



this wind sculpture has A counter roting ball of copper with a sinning outer ring of Brass

A counter rotating ball of copper with a spinning outer ring of Brass

Wind sculpture Saturn, 48 rotating wind cups and ball shaped center of copper, with a contrasting outer ring in brass the speed varies in the wind. All the parts are hand made at my workshop in Llanfyllin. Please contact me should you wish to visit.

 You can see it working on this YouTube Video

Piccolo Vento

Copper and Brass Wind Sculpture

Three wheel Copper and Brass Wind Sculpture

wind Sculpture Piccolo Vento, Three brass wheels made of Brass with copper wind cups counter rotating, 20 inches high running on stainless steel sealed bearings sensitive to the ups and downs of the wind, this one is very relaxing to watch when you sit in the garden.

Watch it on YouTube


wind sculpture of copper sailboats

wind sculpture of copper sailboats

Wind sculpture Sail boats, Watching this is so relaxing, I have to put it away or I would never get any work done, each boat is made from copper, with brass masts and copper sails, rotating around a brass capstan,

See the Video on YouTube

Flash Gordon

Wind sculpture in Copper and Brass

Wind sculpture in Copper and Brass

Flash Gordon, Wind sculpture the spinning wheels are the heart of this spaceship like design. Made in copper and brass with sealed stainless steel bearings, this one works in winds of three miles an hour or more

See it on YOUTUBE

AviatorAviator Weathervane

   The Aviator was made as a weathervane for a keen pilot,The directionals  are in degrees unlike the usual N S E W, the copper windcups spin     smoothly in opposite directions, on stainless steel sealed bearings the materials are all copper and brass

   You can see it working on this YouTube Video

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