Here are some videos showing my weathervanes Wind Sculpture  and garden art in action. Each piece has been handmade in my workshop, in Llanerfyl Powys. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit Jankowski Weathervanes YouTube channel Do not hesitate to Contact me should you require any further information

Wind Sculpture

Piccolo Vento

This wind sculpture  works on a theme of curves balancing in the air

Copper Wind Sculpture

Metal spinning

copper wind cups on brass wheels with stainless steel sealed bearings


Copper Wind Sculpture

Lake Vrynwy Hotel


Copper Dragon

Smoke Breathing Copper Dragon


Whirly Weathervane

Made from Copper and Brass with sealed Stainless Steel Bearings,

This unique bespoke piece moves in the slightest wind


Butterfly Ball Wind Sculpture

21 Butterflies Dancing around each other

some in the opposite direction


A selection of Jankowski Weathervanes

Each weathervane is handmade , from Copper and Brass

Rotating on a stainless steel spindle


A collection  of copper art

Have a look at some of the commissions I have undertaken

 I hope you have enjoyed watching these videos


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