About Me

In my workshop with a weathervane ready to deliver

Stan Jankowski: Metal Artist

Working mainly in metals, I make bespoke pieces for individuals, businesses and public buildings. I also enjoy working with schools and community art projects such as Arts connection.

Using traditional free form and repoussé techniques, a sketch is made of each piece, and then transferred to the metal.  Next I cut out two Identical shapes, then start hammering each half, building up the shape and detail. I delight in the form taking shape out of what was once a flat piece of metal.  I will add or take away elements as the shape comes to life, to end up with a truly unique piece that my client will be thrilled with.

Working directly with my clients brings a lot of pleasure to both parties. Listening to their ideas and making something that is unique for them can sometimes be challenging but never dull. From a fire breathing Dragon, weathervane or house number, I hope my works give joy and pleasure to those who own them. Living in Powys, Wales, there is no shortage of inspiration in the landscape, the local legends and wildlife. Meeting with many other artists in the area is a great source of creativity and innovation.

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